AVBIV Venice Italy

Adamo_Macri_ArtVenice_Biennale_4ArtVenice Biennale IV
The Biennial Project

May 13, 2017
Opening Reception 6 – 9 PM

San Marco 3160 Salizada Malipiero
Venice Italy


Electric Marshmallow

Adamo_Macri_Electric_MarshmallowElectric Marshmallow
(poem by Adamo Macri, 1992)

man-made shimmer for winter play
water made clear from swamped creek
watts lit wider says labor master
no dish-pot earnings in Techno-Tamper

chemistry control breeds winter harvest
mechanical organs urge circuit heeling
polysynthetic canes for thinner sweetness
cooler tempered interiors ease summer solstice

coffins fest’n static of nuclear amber
well-bred issues in Techno-Tamper

skinny breathing
morning dew trickles
fair skies
and a cloudy powdered marshmallow

turbo paced current throu water-magnetic
in soothing ripples of blue fire-electric