Adamo Macri – Exhibition Montreal 2017

Adamo Macri with Triffid


Fortified October, 2010

Masking time: I love the concept of mystery because it’s reflective of life. It holds the essence of newness because it doesn’t ever fully reveal itself. There isn’t anything more intriguing, elusive and ambiguous than the idea of time. Change can be significantly drastic, the shift in transformations become unrecognizable. The outer surface reinvents itself as the internal remains constant. These measures play with the concept of time, commonly understood as a gradual process. I’m known for being a masked artist in a constant state of flux. I evoke that spectrum of human capacity as much as placing the importance on the work and less on my natural being. The art shall prevail and outlive the artist in time.adamo_macri_fortified_october

Behold the Man: Self-Portraits of Albrecht Dürer & Adamo Macri by Kenneth Radu

albrecht_durer_adamo_macriBehold the Man: Self-Portraits of Albrecht Dürer & Adamo Macri

After long perusal of Adamo Macri’s fascinating self-portrait entitled Pinus Attis, I have become aware of having seen something similar before. To be sure, this is merely my own casual and arguably eccentric response to the multi-layered meanings of a Macri picture. The artist has produced many images of his face which arouse distinct and …